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                                                                                因為專注  所以專業 | PRODUCTS

                                                                                LONG DISTANCE PLASTIC COVER TYPE

                                                                                適用范圍 Applications

                                                                                • 機床,移動設備,長距離的行走機器人等

                                                                                • Machine tools, Moving equipments, industrial robots and applications for long travel.

                                                                                特點 Features

                                                                                • 適用于長距離使用的自由跨距式拖鏈
                                                                                • 采用工程塑料材質,輕便使用
                                                                                • 蓋板采用可開型,方便安轉及維護
                                                                                • 使用滑片的形式,延長了拖鏈的使用壽命,如有磨損更換滑片即可
                                                                                • 配置使用相應規格的導向槽,可以更安全順暢的運行,同時延長了拖鏈的使用壽命

                                                                                • Proper for more than twice length of free span.
                                                                                • Made of engineering plastic for the light weight.
                                                                                • Openable covers procide convenient installation and maintenace.
                                                                                • Skates enable longer operation life and worn skates can be replaced covently.
                                                                                • Exactly measured guide channels should be installed for a long term performance and excellent movements.


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