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                                                                                因為專注  所以專業 | PRODUCTS

                                                                                LONG DISTANCE ALUMINUM BAR TYPE

                                                                                適用范圍 Applications

                                                                                • 自動化焊接設備、汽車生產線、自動化生產線、龍門起重機等

                                                                                • Automatic welding machines, Automotives lines, automation lines and crane.

                                                                                特點 Features

                                                                                • 適用于自由跨度兩倍以上的長距離行程使用
                                                                                • 使用滑片的形式可以延長拖鏈的使用壽命,磨損時只需更換滑片即可
                                                                                • 使用滑片的形式可以減小噪音并且使拖鏈運行起來更加順暢
                                                                                • 適用于電纜管線較多較重的情況
                                                                                • 產品可配置標準的導向槽裝置,使拖鏈運行的更加安全順暢,使用壽命也可以得到延長
                                                                                • 產品的內寬可根據客戶需求自由設定

                                                                                • Proper for more than twice length of the free span.
                                                                                • Skate enable longer operation life and worn skates can be replaced conveniently.
                                                                                • Skates provide better operation with lower power and less noise.
                                                                                • Skates are exchangeable and give longer operation life.
                                                                                • Sustainable for loads of cables and hoses.
                                                                                • Exactly neasured guide channel should be installed for a long term performance and excellent movements.
                                                                                • Various inner widths can be applied for your use.


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